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COMPANY VALUES: environment, veganism, feminism, inclusivity, self-care

Melissa Jane Freeman started making candles in 2015 as a hobby so that she could enjoy the scents of teakwood, pine, and lavender with greater frequency. After perfecting her understanding of the wick needed for a specific vessel to achieve an ideal burn rate and scent throw, she began to sell her candles on consignment with Wild Bear Nature Center in Nederland, Colorado while working there as the Community Relations Director. She delighted in complete strangers becoming repeat customers, coming in to purchase Mountain Zen Candles. She saw that her candles have the ability to bring warmth to people’s souls while simultaneously brightening her own life’s work.

Financing herself through her personal savings, in 2019, she made the leap of faith into making candles full time. She gets to indulge the meditative state that comes with crafting candles and carefully pouring hot wax into its vessel–knowing that she is spreading light into the world.

Melissa’s Hebrew name, given at 7 days of age, is Meira–meaning Shining Light. She has feels that her mission is to celebrate the contrasts in life that allow us to experience beauty, tranquility, light and a sense of deep fulfillment. Through Mountain Zen Candles, Melissa is delighted to heighten these sensations in people’s lives.

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